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\Soy Melts

\Soy Melts

Includes 24 - 3OZ Soy Melts

Mix and match up to 4 scents

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Details & Ingredients

Neat & Navy Blue melts are hand poured in Marengo, Iowa using pure, American grown soy wax. With careful detail, our wax is infused with paraben and phthalate-free, premium fragrance oils.

Our melt pack includes 12 individual squares totaling 3 oz. You can expect the package to provide around 50-60 hours of scent throw.


Remove one (or more) wax squares and place in your wax warmer dish.

When fragrance is no longer present, place 1 or 2 cotton balls in the dish to soak up unscented wax. Discard cotton and add new wax squares.

You can mix and match scents to create your own blends!

Safety & Warnings

Kindly use only in UL listed electric warmers OR tea-light warmers that are specifically approved for use with wax melts.

Read and follow the instructions provided with your electric wax warmer.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Do not use unattended.

Scent Descriptions

Amber & Plum

Top |  Fir, Cypress
Middle | Plum, Saffron, Spice, Cinnamon
Base | Wood, Incense, Benzoin

Apple Maple Bourbon

Top | Apple, Cinnamon, Orange

Middle | Bourbon, Butter, Coconut

Base | Maple, Vanilla

Apricot Pear

Top | Pear, Jasmine, Nectarine

Middle | Apricot, Vetiver

Base | Patchouli, Vanilla

Autumn Orchard

Top | Blueberries, Apple, Elderberries, Currant

Middle | Pumpkin, Persimmon, Orange Peel

Base |Cinnamon, Sugar, Vanilla

Birch Leaves

Top |  Birch, Eucalyptus, Mint
Middle | Cypress, Pine
Base | Tonka Bean, Smoke

Caramel & Sea Salt

Top |  Caramelized Sugar, Sea Salt
Middle | Brown Sugar, Pecan, Hazelnut
Base | Caramel, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

Cardamom & Cream

Top |  Heavy Cream, Peppercorn, Ginger

Middle | Chestnut, Cardamom

Base | Cinnamon, Tonka Bean, Wood


Top | Amber, Jasmine

Middle | Cocoa Butter, Coconut

Base | Musk, Cedarwood

Charlie Rose

Top | Green Leaves, Lemon

Middle | Rose, Lily of the Valley

Base |Sandalwood, Sea Salt

Christmas Eve

Top |  Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Ginger
Middle | Cypress, Clove
Base |  Pine, Fir, Smoke


Top | Orange Blossoms, Tangerine

Middle | Grapefruit, Lime, Ginger

Base | Vanilla Bean, Musk

Coffee House

Top | Coffee Beans

Middle | Cinnamon, MilkBase | Vanilla, Heavy Cream

Cotton & Eucalyptus

Top | Cotton Blossoms, Lemon, Juniper

Middle | Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Powder

Base |Sea Salt, Caramel, Musk

Fall Farmhouse

Top | Cider, Nutmeg, Clove
Middle | Chestnut, Vanilla
Base | Sugar, Caramel

Flower Shop

Top | Green Leaves, Lily of the Valley

Middle | Pear, Jasmine, Lilac

Base |Vanilla, Carnation

Gingered Peach

Top | White Peaches, Pear, Banana

Middle | Coconut, Ginger

Base | Vanilla, Sugar, Wood

Grapefruit & Mint Leaf

Top | Rhubarb, Grapefruit

Middle | Mint Leaf, Lavender

Base | Vanilla Bean, Thyme

Honey Pear

Top | Pear Blossoms, Honeydew

Middle | Cantaloupe, Melon

Base | Coconut Milk

Lemon & Lavender

Top | Eucalyptus, Lemon, Orange Blossom

Middle | Lavender, Apple Blossom

Base | Green Leaves, Clove

Love Letters

Top | Sweet Pea, Peach, Iris

Middle | Coconut, Raspberry

Base | Vanilla Bean, Musk

Mango Basil

Top | Orange Blossoms, Mango

Middle | Lime, Basil, Lemongrass

Base | Ginger, Musk

Milk & Honey

Top | Raw Honey, Lemon

Middle | Almond, Rose

Base | Coconut Milk, Musk

Olive Branch

Top | Lemon, Bergamot

Middle | Olive, Musk

Base | Vanilla Bean 

Sage & Sea Salt

Top | Wild Sage, Lemon, Sea Salt

Middle | Juniper, Jasmine, Gardenia

Base | Driftwood, Cedar, Musk

Spring Farmhouse

Top | Cotton Blossoms, Lemon

Middle | Rose, Violet, Powder

Base | Caramel, Sandalwood, Brown Sugar

Summer Farmhouse

Top | Red Current, Fig, Blackberry

Middle | Wild Strawberries, Rhubarb

Base | Moss, Brown Sugar, Vanilla Bean

Sweet Farmhouse

Top | White Peaches, Mango, Lemon

Middle | Caramel, Wild Strawberries

Base | Brown Sugar, Vanilla Bean

Sweet September

Top | Cranberry, Raspberry, Apple

Middle | Caramel, Cinnamon, Sugar

Base |Wood, Clove, Musk

Tobacco & Honey

Top | Bergamot, Teakwood
Middle | Honey, Amber, Leather
Base | Tonka, Tobacco Leaves, Sandalwood

Vanilla & Cream

Top | Vanilla Bean

Middle | Heavy Cream, Toasted NutBase | Marshmallow, Cinnamon

White Magnolia

Top | Magnolia Blossoms

Middle | Green Leaves, Lemon

Base | White Musk

White Pumpkin

Top |  Ginger, Allspice, Cinnamon
Middle | Pumpkin, Brown Sugar, Nutmeg
Base | Clove, Molasses, Vanilla

Wild Peonies

Top | Green Leaves, Jasmine

Middle | Wild Peonies

Base | Driftwood, Powder

Wild Sage

Top | Sage, Lavender, Chamomile

Middle | Rosemary, Camphor

Base | Cedar, Sandalwood

Winter Farmhouse

Top |  Red Currant, Eucalyptus
Middle | Fir, Clove, Cedar
Base | Vanilla Bean, Brown Sugar


Top |  Eucalyptus
Middle | Cypress, Moss, Bayberry
Base | Incense, Patchouli, Fir

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Customer Reviews

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| 1/2 Dozen Kraft Melts

Talia H.

| 1/2 Dozen Kraft Melts

Cassie M.
A+ for creativity

Seriously how amazing are these?? I’ve never seen anything like them on the market, they are truly one of a kind. We get so much positive feedback from customers on ease of use. I am hooked for life!!