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Supply Chain Issues

Dear Amazing Customer,

As you may have heard, and maybe experienced yourself, businesses throughout every industry have been experiencing supply chain issues - we are having a harder time sourcing supplies now more than ever before. Thankfully I haven't had many issues with finding the correct supplies, until now. 

My mason jars are currently out of stock. They are supposed to be back in stock on 10/9 *fingers crossed*. Until then I will be using a straight sided jar with a gold lid. They're really pretty! It's the same great smelling wax inside a jar that has a more modern vibe.

The same goes for my amber jars, they are out of stock everywhere I know to look with no restock date in sight *sad face*. So until I find more I'll be using a clear straight sided jar. Again, same great smelling wax inside the exact same style jar, just clear glass instead of amber glass. Finding lids for this size jar has been challenging as well, so your jar could have a black lid like normal or it could have a white lid. If you have a strong preference for one or the other, please let me know so I can make it happen. Otherwise I will send what I have available at the time. 

I spend time every day (sometimes multiple times a day) looking under every rock on the internet trying to find the correct supplies. As soon as I can, I will return to my normal jars! Until then, thanks for your understanding and support. 


P.S. Please enjoy these pretty pictures of the new styles of jars.

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